Our Team

The Bromius Capital team has an established track record of creating value for investors in a broad range of sectors. Collectively the team has raised over US$1.5 billion to fund acquisitions and investment in project development and have been responsible for realising substantial cash profits from these investments
Ian Gibbs
Ian has over three decades of corporate finance and investment banking experience, with most of that gained during his many years in Asia. During this time he has had extensive public and private company M&A, financial structuring and restructuring experience. Ian has gained experience across a broad range of advisory and proprietary investment transactions in a number of sectors, including in more recent years a strong focus on working with sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses.
Contact: ian.gibbs@bromiuscapital.com
Duncan Reynolds
Duncan has long and diversified corporate finance and investment banking experience in Asia having been based in Singapore since early 1998. He has extensive M&A experience in both the private and public markets, equity capital markets experience, as well as corporate and financial restructuring. Duncan has successfully completed transactions throughout Asia, Australia, North America and the UK. Since 2003 his focus has been structuring and financing proprietary transactions in the upstream oil and gas and mining sector.
Contact:  duncan.reynolds@bromiuscapital.com
Rory Leader
Rory qualified as an equity broker in 1981 with Rowe and Pitman and has spent over three decades engaged in the Asian capital markets.  Initially based in London he returned to Hong Kong in 1995 where his family has been based for four generations. After a career in brokerage with, among others, Vickers Da Costs and as a founder of CLSA, Rory moved into corporate finance in 2003 working with the founders of Bromius as colleagues at Crosby Capital. Rory is currently based in Mauritius where he is responsible for sourcing advisory and investment opportunities for Bromius in the African markets.
Contact: rory.leader@bromiuscapital.com

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